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One of the reasons you spend far too much time with the wrong man is because you've been trusting how "you feel" after you've come home from a date instead of trusting logic.  

LOGIC?  How do you use that while dating, Linda? Shouldn't love "just happen"?  


How in the world do we ever think that our relationships will be successful because they "just feel right"? 

I'm always shocked to find out when I ask my clients, "What do you want in a man?"  And they have NO CLUE!  They immediately begin to tell me what THEY DON'T WANT in a man.  And you see, you get what you clearly imagine.  So, if all you're imagining is what you don't want, it's no wonder you get exactly what you think about, which is what you DON'T want.  

Right now, you have a choice. You can continue to choose a man and make him "THE ONE" based on what you want him to be and your faulty logic or you can download your copy of your relationship GPS so you can start being smart about love.

This is A GREAT TOOL to JUMPSTART your list of things you could be looking for in a man so you can focus on WHAT YOU WANT.  That way when you see a man who embodies these qualities or traits, you RECOGNIZE him as a potential Mr. Right.  You've gotta have qualifiers.  Right now, all you have are disqualifiers.  

You're going to be glad you found me, sister.  I got you!

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