High Value Woman


High Value Woman


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Deep inside, you can see yourself living an exquisite life with the income to match!

You are already awesome in every other area of your life. You are classy, powerful, bold, outspoken or you might be a quiet storm. But you know you what you want. And you know how to call the shots.

You my dear, are an alpha woman. Some have said you’re intimidating. But you know that you’re not, it’s just that you take action even when you’re scared. And that separates you from the rest. #fistbump

As confident as you show up in other areas of your life, you’re not confident in your approach to sales conversations and how to raise your rates. Because of that, you’re always creating new freebies and changing your prices.

You have paying clients but you want to charge more. You know you are great at what you do yet other, less talented and less qualified people are making more money and making more impact than you.

You literally invest thousands on courses. You think you need a membership site. You watch more livestreams. You change your instagram hashtags. You think you need a tripwire and a email funnel.

Linda! How do you know all that? Honey, I did the same thing too.

You want to finally make the money you know you deserve. You want to have a business and clients you love. You want to live your delicious life on purpose every day. And that’s EXACTLY why you have found me.


Meet Linda

Meet Linda


I’m a High Performance Coach, Int’l TEDx Speaker and Author with a degree in Psychology and Human Behavior.

I support high performing women, expert entrepreneurs and niche service providers to unleash their profits (CLOSE BIG SALES WITH EASE) so they can make a greater impact with their purpose, develop a confidence that commands attention when they step into a room (become an authority), and take their business to the NEXT LEVEL.

If you are here, I know you are a BOSS. You are a high performing, results driven expert entrepreneur or niche-service provider.

You want more sales (LOTS and FAST).

You only want clients you LOVE working with.

You want selling and business to be easy.

You are highly coachable.

You want to leave your mark in this world and impact lives globally.

You are at a place where personal and business development are synonymous.

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