How To Find A Good Man Course


How To Find A Good Man Course

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Finally figure out how to stop picking the wrong men.

Master your thoughts and behaviors so you’re never a victim of a con-artist man again.

Have the confidence to know you are enough and you are worthy of a great man.

Stop being single and take control of your love life.


WEEK 1:      The Story Of Your Life

WEEK 2:      Rewire Your Brain 

WEEK 3:      Not your mother’s rules 

WEEK 4:      Attract Men EVERYWHERE you go 

WEEK 5:      What you can learn from gold diggers

WEEK 6:      Your Dating Plan

WEEK 7:      Behaviors NOT words

WEEK 8:      Date, weed out or recycle, rinse and repeat


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  • #boybyecourse ($147 value)
  • Date Assessment Tool ($197 value)