Cigar Smoking 101

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Cigar Smoking 101

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One of the things that makes you a magnetic, sexy and alluring woman, is that you know how to make decisions on your own.  You're not scared of others judging you because you are in control of your own life!   

Being in control of your life means that you choose your social circles well. The Cigar Smoking culture is one that is considered elite and upsacle. Once you are part of that community, you will find that it is a network in and of itself.  

Business owners, people in management, golf players, fraternity and sorosity leaders and members, judges, attorneys, doctors, car dealership owners, bankers and even religious leaders and pastors form this community that are always willing to help you pick out a cigar or connect you with someone else you may need.  

I am a firm believer that your social group is very important.  It determines who you meet and places you go.  

If you're a homebody or you're looking to upgrade your awesomeness, this guide is for you!  

You will learn EVERYTHING on the HOW TO's about cigars:

Cutting, Lighting, Smoking, Putting it out, Accessories, Vocabulary, Etiquette and more!

Smoke a cigar with class and confidence.  Put yourself in a different scene. Attract different people.