I took Linda’s month group coaching course, How To Find A Good Man.  My biggest a-ha moment well ... I knew from the start I had a problem but truly accepting that fact was a real “a-ha” in and of itself.  Ms. Hayles really helped me understand and accept that there is a real issue here. I LOVE how straight forward she is.  Tough love but just enough to give you a swift kick in the butt to get going. I would recommend Ms. Hayles to anyone.  She truly has helped me understand my own behaviors and how to change them for the better not only myself but with my future relationships both personally and intimately. Thanks for giving me a new GPS, Linda!  Just three words to sum up Ms. Hayles… Colorful, energetic and ruthless. 


I’ve coached one on one with Linda.  I don’t know why it took me so long but when I realized my value and my worth I was able to block that man from my life.  I blocked him from my phone and deleted and blocked him on social media.  Linda says, “Being compatible in bed does not mean compatibility in life!”  Thanks to Linda, I have met someone new.  All I kept hearing in my head was her voice.  “If a man wants you in his life he will make plans or you.”  I just have to say WOW and THANK YOU, LINDA!  Literally, so emotional right now.   You tell me all the things I need to hear. Just THANK YOU.


The Texting and Dating course tonight was just EXCELLENT!  Being able to see Linda live and on camera made me feel very exclusive!  My biggest a-ha moment was learning in relationships you’re either growing together or apart...not stagnant. The check engine light means do something NOW!Linda is straight talk. No fluff. I like that you she’s "raw but talks with love" and I would absolutely recommend her to all my friends.  She’s candid, reliable, and consistent.  Talking to her is an authentic experience. Old school works!


Linda is always on point with her coaching.  You talk to her and she breaks it down and knows exactly what’s going on.  She explains your behavior to you so you understand how you’re instrumental in causing your situation.  She gets you to think.  I learned that self-love is not the same as selfishness and that it’s OK to make yourself a priority in order to give to others.  I also learned that my relationship GPS was so broken.  I learned I stayed with men that didn’t make me a priority, workaholics and men with vices.  Oh!  And smiling works!  Just smile!  



I enjoyed learning about myself in the dating world under the insightful vision of Linda Hayles. She is a direct and honest evaluator and has a direct, but kind style of guiding one through dating in the world today. She has an affable personality and an infectious laugh. Don't let any of that fool you...she knows her stuff and will challenge you to grow and change. I highly recommend her classes.


I did not know what to expect when I reached out to Linda; as a man we believe we have things under control but I knew I needed help if I was going to find love. My sessions with Linda were very informative, we evaluated my past relationships, dating trends, and my personality traits while discovering that "aha moment", which is one of Linda favorite quotes! 
Linda made each session fun but at the same time she challenge me to did deeper and look at myself. From working with Linda I learned a lot about myself, my dating and relationship habits, and what I need to work on in future relationships. Working with Linda was a great and eye opening experience!