5 Part Don't Be Basic Coaching Series

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5 Part Don't Be Basic Coaching Series

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Allow me to take off your rose colored glasses... The blindfold...

So many ladies write me saying they never catch me LIVE because they don't have Periscope or don't "get on social media" much. (Which blows my mind, but OK. LOL) So, I sat on my living room couch, set up my tripod and recorded some videos on my phone as I covered some recurring topics that my clients bring up in discovery calls. Topics like:

  • Linda,I don't want to tell him what I'm looking for because... What if I scare him off?
  • Linda, I'm educated. I'm a prize... But I slept with him on the first date... I know it was a one night stand because we never went out again.
  • Linda, I've been with him 8 years! How come he doesn't want to get married? We live together!
  • Linda, I cant believe he told me on our first date that he only wants to have sex with me! How bold!
  • Linda, I did everything you said and he went away!
  • Linda, isn't he just supposed to know what to do? I mean come on. He's grown!

So, in these videos you'll learn the answer to those questions and more! They're not motivational videos, they're not super professional in a studio and they're not scripted. They're just me... Talking to you. None of the videos were edited. It's raw footage. I'm literally just having a conversation with you.

If you've never worked with me this will be a GREAT opportunity to "sit with me" and learn about me and my coaching style. Some ladies will not like what I'm saying but if you're one of the receptive ones... I know you'll get results when you implement what I'm sharing with you in these short videos just like countless of other women who wrote me after watching the videos and having A-HA moments.