6 Week Group Coaching Program

I just got divorced or recently broke up, should I wait until I want to start dating again to get coaching?

You should take this time to work on yourself so when you ARE ready to start dating again, you can avoid the pitfalls that got you in this last relationship.  

Do I need a therapist or do I need a coach? 

Therapy focuses on the psychological functioning of a client. The purpose is to get you back to as close to functioning as you were in the past.  It focuses on your problem and what happened to cause it.  If you have a psychological disorder or you can't perform your daily tasks because thoughts and emotions consume you, you probably need a therapist.

Coaching is goal oriented.  Instead of focusing on problems that occurred we focus on what you want, what is standing in your way and teach you the skills to get there. People who are ready to accept responsibility for their life and the choices they've made, ready to STOP BLAMING others for where they are in life, have the courage to make changes but don't know how... Are a great fit for coaching.  

What is your refund policy?  

There are no refunds.  

Is there a payment plan?

Yes.  Please, see below.

Why group coaching?

I've found that MANY of my clients have the SAME issues. Group coaching is a way to deliver the same information at a lower cost than doing one on one coaching and everyone can benefit from each other's input.  

When does this program start?

This program starts Sept 4th and ends October 13th.

How will this program be delivered? 

You will log into an online classroom.  Every week a new module will be released and you will receive an email letting you know to log in.  There will also be a weekly Q & A call for that week's lesson.  

Will we get recordings of the calls?

Yes, you will receive recordings of the calls.  However, the calls are to answer YOUR QUESTIONS.  I highly encourage you to show up.

What else is included?

Everyone will receive 2 coaching calls to use within 60 days of the end of the program.  These calls could be used to laser coach you in the area you need the most help with.  

Anything else?

Everyone also will get 1 FREE Background Check.  You may use it within 60 days of the end of the program as well.  

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