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  • Learn The Top Awful Types

    Most women lump all bad men into one category. You’ve missing major signs (red flags), because you’ve been focusing on behaviors that he’s not doing so you fool yourself thinking he’s “a good one”. That was until NOW. In this program you will learn about the different types of toxic a dysfunctional men so you’re not fooled ever again.

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    Yep. That’s right. Stop singing about being a savage and become one already.

    When you complete this course, you won’t be calling and texting him over and over again ANYMORE. When you do that, you lose your value in his eyes and he knows he’s got you on the hook.

    Behavior is very simple. But your overthinking makes you believe what you wish and not what the truth is.

    That’s why you MUST learn the behaviors of toxic and dysfunctional men. So you can WALK AWAY while maintaining your dignity and pride. ONLY THEN are you a savage.

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    Here’s the truth. You are educated. You have a good job. Your social life is bangin’. You’re just awesome! EXCEPT, you can’t attract Mr. Right because you have Mr. Wrong on board!

    You can’t even look at anyone else because you think you’re actually in love with the wrong one. And if you’re single, you’ve been single too long blaming men when the truth is YOU HAVE A PATTERN of picking the same men over and over again. You can stay single for 10 years but when you start dating again you’ll pick the same types again.

    This is why I’m making this a no-brainer for you. Change your whole playing field or remain the same.

Boy Bye is not full of cute workbooks that you won’t use. It’s information you can understand so you can implement changes immediately. I’m making room in my business so I can coach women in other areas and that’s why I'm making this special offer.

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