Group Coaching Via Web Linda Hayles

Have you ever been alone, by yourself, in your car, in the shower, sitting at your desk at work, or in church before the service starts with that burning question in your heart?  


Why can't I find a good man? Why do I only meet married men? Why can't I break up with Tony? Why do I keep letting him back in after he lies? Why do I keep letting him back in after he cheats? Why do I stay with him and he doesn't take care of me? Why isn't he proposing? Why do other women find good men? They're not even as educated, as attractive, as powerful, as popular, as good of a woman as I am! 

I want to invite you to consider this. During this time that you find yourself single, work on YOURSELF to GET READY to find the kind of man you're seeking. WORK ON YOURSELF.  

There is a big reason WHY you can't find a good man, why you keep letting him back in after he lies, after he cheats, why you stay with him and he's not being the man you dream of, why he isn't proposing, etc...YOU have so much to do with that! Your expectations, your boundaries, your conversations with him, what you tolerate, your self worth, your beliefs about yourself, your beliefs about him and your beliefs about relationships have so much to do with all those things you question!  

You keep trying to have relationships with men but you haven't learned the answer to all those WHY's! And because you don't know the answer to all those WHY's you keep repeating the same pattern of relationships over and over again. Once you work on YOURSELF, you won't go back to the old patterns of behavior that allowed those relationships. Working on yourself, on your personal development is like installing a new operating system on your computer. It runs faster, more efficiently and the learning curve is minimal. You understand what I'm saying here?

On Sunday, December December 4th, I will be hosting a 3 hour group coaching call via the web on Zoom. I'll be able to see you and you'll be able to see me, interact with me and ask me questions, LIVE! You'll benefit from the other ladies, their stories and their questions as you find out that you're not alone.  Let's talk about what you need to STOP doing and what you need to START doing. Let's work on those things you believe because you hear them in church or you heard them from your mom or cousins or friends.  Let's talk about those cultural beliefs that truly don't serve you and let's talk about that ones that do.   It's a great opportunity to work on yourself so you can lay the foundation for 2017 to be the year you choose and accept a different kind of man in your life. There is a man waiting to love you, honor you, respect you, protect you and provide for you.  Will you get out of your own way so you can see him in the crowd?