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Making Money Isn't Hard

Making Money Isn't Hard

Have you ever been driving to work and prayed to God there had to be a better way? Have you ever had your boss write you up for something trivial and insignificant and made you feel like you were an elementary school kid?  Have you ever driven home from work thinking, "They really don't value what I do nor do they care".  Have you ever gone to work every day feeling insecure and unstable, not knowing if today will be the day you get fired?  Or have you ever liked your job and known that they are paying you well over what the average person makes but you're STILL BROKE?  Living check to check, with your credit cards maxed and taking out payday loans?  

I TOTALLY understand.  Trust me I do.  I'm writing from my personal experience here. I need to tell you something that you may have heard before but I'm going to tell you again.  

The ONLY way you're going to change your circumstances is by making MORE MONEY.  Read that again.

More money will allow you to pay off bills, buy new things, move to a new place, actually go on vacations, do things for your kids, etc...  But this whole time you've been thinking that making more money looks like you putting your resume on Careerbuilder and applying for a new job where they "might" offer you $5K more a year than what you're making.   $5K a year turns into $416 extra a month before taxes.  Let's say taxes, Medicare and FICA are $70, that leaves you with $346 a month which turns out to be $86.50 a week.  Come on.  You've gotta think outside the box to find ways to make extra money because a traditional part time job will not change your life. Neither is leaving your job for another $5K.

How many credit cards can you pay off, homes can you buy, how may vacations can you actually go on, and what kind of things can you REALLY do for you family with $346 extra a month?  I can tell you, not much. Add to that the fact that not even 90 days into this new job, you'll start to feel just like your old job again. And God forbid you lose your job and instead of finding a better paying one, you're unemployed for a while and then find a job making $10K less than your previous job!  I'm telling you because this scenario happened to me.  

And when that happens you feel so disappointed.  You feel like a hamster that can't get off that wheel, running in place.  You think to yourself, "I just can't catch a break!"  

So what's the answer, Linda?  The answer is this...



Yesterday, (Black Friday), I stayed in my pajamas ALL DAY. I slept in late and ate leftovers. :-)

And just about every hour I received emails with receipts from my online store with people shopping my Black Friday deals.  I have a relationship coaching business where I sell coaching packages, downloadable e-books, courses and now a book! I'm also available for speaking engagements and of course, for a fee.  (Those are the multiple streams of income I have set up for myself).

But today, I was sitting at home and I was thinking... "How can I help women in EVERY AREA of their life?  I just don't want them to find a good man.  I want them look great and feel good about themselves and I want them to make their own money and be their own bosses!"

Well, for some time now, I have been watching this amazing woman via social media.  I like her business and can totally see myself learning from her.  She has weekly trainings on social media and on all the ways to make money in the business and that's very attractive to me because it means I don't have to come up with tactics or marketing plans.  I can just repeat what others are doing and get results.  So, today I reached out to her and for $99 I joined her business!  I immediately got a website.  I linked it with my social media and BOOM!  I had a turn key business. I made 2 posts on my Instagram page and I got 2 ladies (which I had never even met before) ask me about the business and the products.  And just like that, I started making money TODAY! Did you hear me?  TODAY!  I mean, this morning I wasn't making extra money.  This evening I was. Can you wrap your mind around that?   Take a look at my new business here. 

Of course, I'm going to make money but SO ARE YOU, if you decide to join my business too!  I get it, if you have no clue how to build a website and start an auto responder email series.  I get it if you have no clue what you can teach.  I get it if you're not an author.  But I don't get it, if you can take $99 and get a business in box where you just have to plug and play and do the things you already do, which is making posts on social media and recommending products to your friends!  But you don't.  I just don't get that... When the only way you're going to change your life is by adding MORE MONEY TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.  

People pay me to coach them. They pay me to speak. They buy my book. And now, they go to my other website and buy weight loss and skin care products as well and start their own businesses and I make money every single time!  Honey, I have learned to think outside the box about making some money here and there.  Don't you want to do that too?

I want all women to become high value women who have MULTIPLE sources of money coming in to their accounts! I want ALL WOMEN to have choices so they can truly change their lives and their family's lives.  And you can!  But you need to make a decision, darling. How long are you gonna sit there and watch me live my life when you can live yours too?  Click on the button and check out how you can start making money today!  You don't even need to get creative!  Let me show you hot be a #girlboss!