More and more I get asked this question.

Linda, what is Basic?  How is a woman “basic”?

So, it’s time that we talk about this. I know it rubs some women the “wrong way” and for many reasons. They land on my website and say, “I’m NOT basic! I have a degree. I own my own home. I have my own business. I have kids in college. I am (insert work title here). I don’t need a man. I’m not going to settle for a man with no degree, not 6 feet tall, divorced, with kids… Blah, blah, blah).

But even though they say all that and all of it is true, they always choose liars, cheaters, abusive men and men that mistreat them…  But WAIT! They have so much chemistry between them, (meaning sexual compatibility).

Yes, basic women have sex without a title. They believe they're in a relationship because they had sex. They take themselves off the market because they've gone on 3 awesome dates with a man, oh also because they had sex with him. They have sexual chemistry with him and he's funny so they begin their journey into making him "the one". This is just the surface of the behaviors good women do that make them basic. These behaviors land them single over and over again. 

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