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Last night, Oprah gave one of the most powerful speeches I have ever heard as she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award for lifetime achievement. She started with a very PERSONAL story of her unforgettable memory watching Sydney Poitier receive an Oscar for best actor in 1964. She pointed out that in 1982 he was awarded the Cecil B. Demille award at the Golden Globes and he was the first Black man to have been honored with such. Then she said she knew there were little girls watching her right now as she becomes the first Black woman to be given the same award. She recognized what a huge milestone that is for women of color. 

She then goes on to call out sexual harassers around the world saying, "Their time is up". And this speech will go down in history as one the greatest. Why? Because Oprah spoke about a topic that's currently making headlines and she spoke with passion about it because she can RELATE. Sadly, she can say 'me too' because she survived being raped at the age of 9 and other forms of abuse. Oprah has always been transparent with her life. She has shared her personal story of sexual abuse, poverty, her battle with her weight and her triumphs. 

Keeping in line with Oprah's style (transparency), her best friend Gayle posted a video of Oprah making dinner for her man Stedman, (who she described last night as her rock). This was the night before the awards. Check it out below. 

So, here's the point of this blog post. You know that Oprah's life is one of achievement, greatness and she's a true BOSS. I mean, have you seen her? Do you know who I'm talking about? Ok, I just have to make sure because I know Oprah DOESN'T have to cook if she doesn't want to. And if Oprah had said, "I can't be in the kitchen the night before my award! I have to go get ready! I have to wrap my hair! I have to go to a fitting", I don' think anyone would have thought that she was being selfish. Heck, I imagine Stedman would have been cool with her doing what she needed to do. She is OPRAH WINFREY. He's used to this. And she's getting ready to make history once again! 

But NO. She didn't have any excuses or reasons for not taking care of home, her man and doing it herself. NO EXCUSES. And this is Oprah! Oprah's transparency is what I call, leading by example. Even Oprah MAKES TIME for what's truly IMPORTANT.

But hold on. Don't miss the amazing sister-like friendship she has with Gayle. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their friendship! They're very open about their closeness as sister-friends. They go on trips, shop for clothes, cars, jewelry... They support each other in business and life and they don't envy or 'hate' on each other. 

Do you make excuses for not taking care of your home, your man, your kids, your dreams, your business, etc? Oprah is a mogul whose schedule is super busy. As such, I imagine she doesn't have time to be in the kitchen. But SHE DOES! Why? Because she makes it a priority. She said Stedman is her rock. Of course she's going to take care of "her rock". 

So, what do YOU value in your life? What are your priorities? I appreciate Oprah for not only leading the way for little girls but for leading by example for me, an adult woman. I appreciate her sharing her life with integrity and authenticity to let us know that we CAN be bosses, pursue our passions, make our own money, have a loving relationship with a man who adores us and we don't have to run around like our hair is on fire. We can do it all with grace and proper planning. There's no better time than the beginning of the year for you to decide to be intentional and plan to make time for what's truly important. 

My second point is short and sweet. I'd love for you to stop making the phrase "strong and independent woman" synonymous with being single. Oprah has been "grinding" and "hustling" all her life but not at the expense of being single or lonely even. She has been with Stedman for 31 years and she's been friends with Gayle for 40 years. Oprah has taken the time to grind and hustle to build strong, supportive and loving relationships. She is a living example that you can be adored by a man, crush personal and professional goals and have a great BFF too. xo

Here's to your dreams in 2018!