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It was the beginning of 2018 and I was DONE with having a full time job and doing my coaching business only when I had enough energy to do it. ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH.

I had been doing my business online since 2016. I had enough of making money one month and then having two months of nothing. I had enough of watching everyone else’s livestream looking for that “magic” tip they could say to make my business thrive. I had enough of investing THOUSANDS of dollars in programs and buying courses that I still couldn’t implement. I had enough of not making the IMPACT I was certain I could make. I had enough of secretly being scared of not knowing what to charge for my coaching. I had enough of watching everyone else create their dream life while I was becoming jaded and cynical knowing that it was possible but not knowing how to make it happen for myself.

I was scrolling through Facebook one evening when an Instagram live notification popped up and as I tapped it to go see it, I had this epiphany. I said to myself…

How much time do I spend doing this everyday with NO RESULTS?

These other coaches are LIVING abundantly, why can’t I?

How is she making more money in a month than I have ever in a year?

How can I fulfill my calling and assignment on my life to impact the world?

How are they doing it? I need to know!

Well, I can tell you one thing for certain. When you ASK questions YOU RECEIVE answers. “Ask and you shall receive”. I didn’t even mean to ask those questions. I was just so frustrated! However, when I asked the answers came IMMEDIATELY. (tip: ask better questions get better answers).

That very moment I knew I couldn’t ignore those answers. They were actually ringing in the ears of my soul. I knew I was done making just enough money to get by and decided to do whatever I had to do to step boldly into my calling so I could change my life and teach others to do the same. A thought kept coming up and it was,

“Become the transformation your clients are seeking. You’ve already transformed so much Linda. You left a toxic relationship, got your degree, stopped attracting and choosing abusive men… Now, transform your finances and your business”.

And with my knees knocking I invested in myself and my business one more time… This time at a high level and within 3 weeks I made my initial investment back plus $4K over. Let me tell you… You MUST become the kind of client you are seeking.

And now here I am crushing all my business goals!! I’m a keynote speaker and I’ve delivered a powerful and emotional TEDx Talk titled Change The Destination. I’ve blogged for The Huffington Post and now Thrive Global. (click on the names to go to see). I’m a sought after translator, (I speak Spanish) and I translate at the largest church in the nation in Houston,TX, Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church. I have written 2 books and countless e-books. My podcast is on iTunes, Soundcloud, iHeart Radio, Google Play, Stitcher and Spreaker. I have created multiple courses and started the #dontbebasic and #unleashyourpotential movement.

My clients have:

  • Gone from idea to a published book in 30 days

  • Started their coaching business

  • Raised their rates

  • Learned to close sales

  • Landed speaking engagements

  • Launched their podcasts

  • Been guests on radio shows

  • Got rid of anxiety and panic attacks

  • Left abusive relationships

  • Learned to love themselves and build self confidence

  • And much more

And now, it’s YOUR TIME to live out your dreams and be great.

You are being called to step into your purpose.

You are being called to accept your power.

You are being called to break generational cycles.

And this is an invitation to become the ruler you were created to be in life and in business.